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MC0628R FSC    2007+    950 
  • Contact:Vincent
  • Tel:86-0755-82579312
  • Fax:86-0755-83239040
  • Email: bonase@vip.163.com
MC0628R FAIRCHIL    1436    07+ 
    Liheng Technology (HK) Limited
  • Contact:Ally
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  • Email: lihengic.88@163.com

MC0628R FAIRCHILD  DIP16      10 
  • Contact:Winnie Cai
  • Tel:86-755-83010890
  • Fax:86-0755-83956895
  • Email: jcdz@jcdz-ic.com
MC0628R FAIRCHILD  DIP16  07+  NEW ORIGIN  1127 
    Censtry Electronics Co.,Limite..
  • Contact:Chan
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  • Email: 123@hotmail.com
    ZHW HIGH-TECH (HK) company lim..
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MC0628R FAIRCHILD    N/A    1163 
MC0628R FAI  DIP16  07+    100 
    The surplus electronics Co., L..
  • Contact:jenny
  • Tel:86-755-83041122
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  • Email: VIPDYE@126.COM
MC0628R n/a    n/a    100 
    JY (HK) Electronics Co Ltd
  • Contact:Apple
  • Tel:86-755-82887756
  • Fax:
  • Email: apple@hkjy-ic.com
MC0628R   标准封装  06+    158 

The 64K uses the three device address bits A2, A1, AO to allow as many as eight devices on the same bus. These bits must compare to their corresponding hardwired input pins. The A2, Al, and AO pins use an internal proprietary circuit that biases them to a logic low condition if the pins are allowed to float.
COLLECTOR TO BASE VOLTAGE : VCB (V) EMITTER TO BASE VOLTAGE :VEB(V) Fig.7 Collector output capacitance vs collector-base voltage Emitter input capacitance vs. emitter-base voltage